Sensory & Consumer Science Consulting

Development of Sensory Quality Assessors for In-Plant Quality Assessment

In order to ensure consumer products are consistently produced, physical and sensory measures need to be monitored. Together, these metrics provide a cohesive story about the customer-facing experience.

Our focus:

  • Ensuring both the physical and sensory properties are consistently maintained.
  • Training onsite employees to provide analytical sensory data to monitor product quality.

Integrating Sensory and Consumer Science Techniques to Ensure Successful Product Development

As the need to ensure quick successful product launches occur, understanding how product characteristics influence consumer behavior is becoming increasingly important. By working with developers to identify and measure key characteristics that drive consumer behavior, a clearer picture of the direction of product development results. We offer descriptive panel training to generate meaningful analytical sensory data to direct successful product development.  We also offer the interpretation of analytical descriptive sensory data and consumer data to validate the appropriateness of development direction. Undoubtedly, all of this creates a repository for very rich customer data. We also help companies parse this data into meaningful actions.

Strategic Partnership

A deep understanding of business strategies paired with the science of sensory identifies and supports strategic decisions for all of our clients. With many years of management experience at supplier and consumer products companies, we understand each player’s position in the market and their opportunities for expansion. With deep discipline knowledge at the consumer level combined with strategic thinking and savvy business sense, we can help you find opportunities in their organization that extend your reach significantly.